Youda Farmer Game

Youda Farmer: A Frenzy Of Farming!

Youda Farmer is a farm themed time management game that is a lot of fun to play. Its quite a challenging game needing speed along with strategy to be able to complete all the levels, but who wants an easy time of it? Not me, I really enjoy the frantic rush back and forth that is constant throughout this game. Thinking ahead of yourself out of the box is not so easy to do but with practice comes perfection making Youda Farmer a point and click frenzied treat.

Although there is no story to Youda Farmer it doesn't detract from this game at all. It is action packed from beginning to end. To start you need to choose which character you want to be. You can select either gender plus the colour of your wagon and off you go. Your aim is to collect as many items from the farm that you can such as fruit and vegetables or flour and eggs then drive to town to sell them to local traders.

Youda Farmer: A Frenzy Of Farming!

It is a pity there is no tutorial with Youda Farmer as it would have come in useful especially for new players who are not familiar with this genre. It is merely trial and error to see what it is you have to do. To begin with an order will pop up on your screen at the bottom. Click on the order to make the screen move to the place on the farm where the item is located. So for instance if an egg appears you will click the egg, to be taken to the hen house where you will have to quickly pick up the eggs, load them into the boxes provided by dragging them with the mouse, then place them in the wagon as it passes you by. You can load up more than one crate so that you get ahead with future orders which is a necessary part of the procedure to complete levels as you will surely find out.

You need to be fast when you are processing your orders as they begin to disappear if you are not quick enough, I found this really annoying but it did make me speed up a bit plus players must try not to drop things as you won't complete the level if too many items are lost. I did say it is a challenge and it most certainly is. You need to be quick but at the same time keep calm or you will panic like I did dropping merchandise or losing your orders altogether.

Once you arrive in town with your goods you follow the same procedure which is click on the shop owner so the wagon will go to their store, then watch for the thought bubble located above the character to see what it is he wants you to give him. Lastly click on the coins to collect payment but be speedy as if not the payment will disappear so you will have done all that work for nothing.

Youda Farmer: A Frenzy Of Farming!

Upgrades are won by chaining orders of the same product together. These come in the form of credits that allow you to improve your farm. You can upgrade your wagon or buy more farm machinery. I found the upgrades great fun as when you upgrade one thing it has a knock on effect to make another thing appear. For example I bought a Pig Sty to enhance my farm and a grocery shop automatically popped up in the town where the owner could sell cooked breakfasts of bacon and eggs.

There is also a great bonus level available in Youda Farmer. You can unlock this level by collecting farm items that appear now and then wearing party hats. You get the chance to earn extra credits by clicking on goods as the wagon drives by. Its click click and click again frantically while at the same time its quite a laugh. At one point I thought I was going to come down with RSI (repetitive strain injury)if I didn't pack it in from all the clicking.

Youda Farmer is one of the more refined farming games, there are plenty of games of course to choose from with but with it's colourful graphics and lovely locations plus a very cute soundtrack this is definitely one worth considering. It is a must buy for time management fans who don't want to just click and get to the end of the game easily. The challenge element makes it a very refreshing game that gives you hours of clicking fun. Get it here - where you can play for one hour for free to trial the premium version of the game out.