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Sustainable Food and Farming

Outside economic forces have done for me. You have no control over prices, everything is set by outsiders. It doesn't matter how well you farm, it just gets harder and harder'- a farmer

The relationship between consumers and producers of food is now mediated by powerful commercial players. Whilst returns to farmers have shrunk, profit margins for food manufacturers, transporters and supermarkets remain steady or are increasing. In Britain, five supermarkets account for more than 80% of all grocery sales; their mark-up is between 30% and 40%.

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Where and How Farmers Can Sell their Produce

Most farmers whether they have a small farm or a large farm want to be able to sell their produce at the best prices. Some very small farms are more than happy to be self-sufficient and use their produce for their own purposes but what for those who would like to make money by selling to outlets and businesses. Here we take a look at how farmers can market their produce in order to make a living.

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Is New EU Legislation Regarding Pigs Simply Hogwash?

Roast pork with all the trimmings can set the taste buds tingling at the mere thought. We all rely on legislation to ensure that the food we eat is safe to consume and live in the hope that regular inspections and quality control carried out will protect us against anything bad entering the food chain. What then is happening with new legislation from the EU regarding pigs that we think may put us all in danger?

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Organic Farming Facts For Farmers

Farmers who are considering going down the organic farming path have to consider whether it is worth the effort for them plus whether it is a financially viable course to take. There are so many things to consider when embarking on organic farming with specific rules and regulations to follow. Here we take a look at the facts surrounding organic farming so that farmers can make an informed choice when it comes to making such an important decision.

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Farming Magazines with News & Info

Farming has always been a profession that requires dedication and skill, while in 2014 with so many rules and regulations for farmers to follow it’s a wonder anyone stays in the business at all. Here on a lighter hearted note we are going to take a look at some of the great farming magazines out there filled with lots of information tips and current issues for farmers to browse over when they have a spare minute or two.

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Eagles and Farming

Globally eagles are considered as symbols of freedom, courage and strength. Man has admired these powerful predators, proudly displaying them on emblems and flags of many nations.

Yet ironically, despite the evident admiration, man has victimized eagles and other birds of prey over the years. This torment has developed and continued through a sad lack of understanding of the habits of these predatory birds.

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Foot and Mouth Disease

Foot and Mouth Disease is a severe infectious disease, which spreads quickly through livestock if it is not accurately controlled. The disease is not only infectious but it can also be extremely lethal. Not only does the disease result in terror across farmlands, but it also creates a huge economic issue for farmers who have livestock that are infected with the disease. The economic issue is in fact caused as a result of millions upon millions of infected livestock being slaughtered. This precaution needs to happen, in order to avoid the disease from continuing to spread to other livestock on either the same farm or neighboring farms.

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