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    Eagles and Farming


    Globally eagles are considered as symbols of freedom, courage and strength. Man has admired these powerful predators, proudly displaying them on emblems and flags of many nations.
    Yet ironically, despite the evident admiration, man has victimized eagles and other birds of prey over the years. This torment has developed and continued through a sad lack of understanding of the habits of these predatory birds.

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    Foot and Mouth Disease

    Foot and Mouth Disease is a severe infectious disease, which spreads quickly through livestock if it is not accurately controlled. The disease is not only infectious but it can also be extremely lethal. Not only does the disease result in terror across farmlands, but it also creates a huge economic issue for farmers who have livestock that are infected with the disease. The economic issue is in fact caused as a result of millions upon millions of infected livestock being slaughtered. This precaution needs to happen, in order to avoid the disease from continuing to spread to other livestock on either the same farm or neighboring farms.

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